Briefings and Surveys

MPPN-OPHI Policy Briefing | Defining MPI Dimensions through Participation: The Case of El Salvador

How to choose dimensions and indicators that better target public policies? This question was asked in El Salvador in the early stages of creating the MPI-ES. Several paths were tested. There were many suggestions for dimensions and indicators. But, understanding that poverty is more than income level, which dimensional deprivations are felt most by the poor population? To answer this question, El Salvador conducted a participatory process that was instrumental in defining the dimensions and indicators of the final index.

MPPN-OPHI Policy Briefing | National Roundtable & Dashboard for Poverty Reduction in Colombia

Colombia launched its official multidimensional poverty measure in 2011 – the Colombian Multidimensional Poverty Index (C-MPI). The index was first used to establish specific policy goals for multidimensional poverty reduction (headcount ratio) as well as sector-specific targets within the National Development Plan – a mandatory and binding strategy that all incoming administrations must have approved by Congress at the beginning of their mandate.

MPPN-OPHI Policy Briefing | CONEVAL: institution-building for multidimensional poverty measurement in Mexico

In the early 2000s, Mexico launched a process of institution-building for its social development policy and the formulation of an official poverty measure, which led to the creation of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) and the establishment of the first official multidimensional poverty measure in the world. Today, CONEVAL generates official multidimensional poverty estimates with representative data every two years at the state level and every five at the municipal level.

2015+ Light Powerful Household Survey Modules

by the Multidimensional Peer Poverty Network and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.

Constructing a Multidimensional Poverty Index

by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

Multidimensional Poverty Index 2015+

by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative