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The Government of the Philippines has adopted an official multidimensional poverty measure in its updated Philippine Development Plan (2011-2016). The measure has been used to set a key poverty reduction target in an effort to secure inclusive growth and improvements in quality of life in the country, which has nearly 97 million inhabitants.

The updated plan, which spells out the government’s policy actions and investment priorities in 2014-2016, pledges to reduce the incidence of multidimensional poverty to 16-18 percent.

The new multidimensional poverty indicator is based on the Alkire Foster method for multidimensional measurement, developed at OPHI by Sabina Alkire and Professor James Foster. It has been adapted to the national context and priorities of the Philippines.

Voluntary National Review of Philippines (2016) indicated an intention to conduct studies on MPI. Full Report Here

Info: ‘What Has Really Happened to Poverty in the Philippines? New Measures, Evidence, and Policy Implications’ by Arsenio M. Balisacan