Foto: David Álvarez Veloso

Global MPI 2017: 0.072

Multidimensionally Poor (based on National MPI): 74.2% (2013)
Launch date of national MPI: August 2016
Institution responsible for the national MPI: Ministry of Government Coordination
Dimensions of the national MPI: health, education, employment, and housing.

Joined MPPN: 2014

A full report on the Honduras Multidimensional Poverty Index is available here (Spanish).

Link to website on Honduras MPI.

Honduras uses a national MPI as an official measure of poverty to track SDG1. It observed that its MPI helps it to advance not only in SDG1 but also in other SDGs such as food security (SDG2), Education (SDG4), Water and sanitation (SDG6) and others. Full Report Here