Photo: Gonzalo G. Useta

Global MPI 2017: 0.022

Multidimensional Poor (based on National MPI): 17% (in 2017)
Launch date of national MPI: August 2011
Institution responsible for national MPI: Department of Social Prosperity
Dimensions of national MPI: education, childhood and youth conditions, work, health, and public services and housing
Joined MPPN: 2013

  • In 2011, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced a new National Development Plan, with poverty reduction as the focus. Devised by the Department of Planning, it features a Colombian Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI-Colombia), based on the Alkire-Foster method, which is used both to set specific targets and track progress. The most recent National Development Plan of 2015 again places a focus on the MPI.
  • Voluntary National Review: According to Colombia (2016) poverty reduction in Colombia occurred in all its dimensions. Non-monetary reductions were tracked and accelerated using a multidimensional measure that implemented the Alkire Foster methodology. In 2010, 30.4% of the population were MPI poor where as in 2015 it was 20.2%. Colombia’s MPI is disaggregated by gender, age, urban/rural, and regions. Full Report Here
  • Colombia launched (2018) Conpes 3918 which describes the government’s strategy to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Conpes 3918 defines the 16 major guiding or cross-cutting indicators for Colombia to meet the SDGs by 2030. It selects the MPI for measuring poverty and working to achieve SDG1: End poverty in all its form everywhere. Colombia aims to reduce multidimensional poverty from 30.4% to 8.4% by 2030. See website.

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